Behind-the-Scenes with “Art Works Every Time” Artist: Harrison Roberts

Harrison Roberts' Studio

Harrison Roberts' Studio

Harrison Roberts’ work combines vertiginous, mandalic quality linework, texture and patterns with a pop color sensibility. Harrison is near and dear to our hearts as he actually was a fearless B/D intern earlier this year! We’re really excited he’ll be part of our upcoming “Art Works Every Time” exhibition! Just 4 days away now…


Harrison Roberts, "Self Portrait", 2010

Describe your aesthetic.

A Colorfully Geometric Tribal Party.

Describe the works you have in the upcoming “Art Works Every Time” exhibition.

Mostly Large Sized Acrylic Paintings on Found and Purchased Wood. An ongoing theme of Similar Characters (made up of various and shapes, lines and patterns) existing among varieties of compositions using the same array of design elements .

Harrison Roberts, "Sun Missile Dance", 2007

Harrison Roberts, "Sun Missile Dance", 2007

The Marijuana Propoganda Poster, is a kick back to Mid Twentieth Century Propoganda Style Illustration, with a Play on the Composition of a Playing Card design. Hinting at the Ridiculous Monopoly they call ” The War on Drugs”.


Harrison Roberts, "Table Map", 2007

Words of advice for other artists, designers, creatives?

I find Drinking Helps, especially a nice cold Colt 45.


Harrison Roberts, "OVER FACE", 2007

“Art Works Every Time” will open June 12th at Synchronicity Gallery, from 8pm-10pm.

Go here for more details.


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