Robert Tirado


Robert Tirado describes his artworks as “consequence to the experience of traditional art techniques, which sometimes gives it a perfect balance between the particular look of digital work and the expression of real life painting”  This up-and-coming artist explores an array of different mediums for his illustrations. AEI.UO is his new experimental project that puts together digital illustration, painting and graphic design, which  intends to “break through with patterns in so-called digital art.”  Tirado also has an upcoming solo show in Valencia, Spain at La Booktique Del Diseño on June 18th! So if you so just so happen to be in Spain on June 18th check it out! His work is definitely  something I would want to check out in person.




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  • Laurel

    These are beautiful. But personally, I’m a little jaded by the subject matter of pretty ladies with exotic animals (particularly octopi, butterflies, large cats, and recently butterflies…). It’s a bit overdone these days, and a little hollow.

  • Michael

    I Agree

  • I agree as well, I have seen better work from Tirado though online… not sure what s going on with the wildlife stuff