Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work takes viewers on a year long ride with Joan Rivers, the comic legend who broke barrier after barrier for female comedians and paved the way for the likes of Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, and Tina Fey. As the story unravels, Mrs. Rivers talks frankly about how she got into show biz, the ups and downs of the industry, being banned by NBC late night for life, and how she will even do adult diaper & penis enlargement commercials for cold, hard cash. At the young age of 75 it seems that Joan Rivers has the energy and drive of a 25 year old, rarely stopping to catch her breath in between interviews, writing and acting in a play about her life, doing midwest comedy tours, and starring in (and winning) Celebrity Apprentice.

Next time you feel too old, uninspired, or just plain lazy, go watch this documentary for a swift kick in the ass. Joan River’s drive to keep doing what she loves until she drops dead is nothing but awe inspiring. I work harder than the average joe but walking out of the theater I felt like I had to run straight to my studio and go on a painting rampage for the next 6 months. In short Joan Rivers is a rude, crude, ass-kicking comic genius and my new personal hero.

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  • donnie_d

    The thing that stuck out to me about her documentary was how she wasn’t concerned with what work she was doing, but she did her best at every job she had. That sort of hard work and positive attitude is admirable

  • Ha! This looks pretty hilarious…I thought it was interesting her daughter said all comics are insecure by nature!

  • shattered

    As a person, I can identify with some of the problems that joan goes through in life. I think its important to put things like that on the screen for everyone to see