Awkward Family Pet Photos


Something about the above photo deeply scares me. What is going on in this neo-geo triangulation of little white fluffy dogs and khaki Dockers? If the four cardinal points of the earth come together, in the form of directional poodles, will a Great Spirit arise from this cosmic canine square? Is it too early in the morning to consider these poodles to be tiny mythological shamans?

Anyway, the site Awkward Family Pet Photos shares a delightfully awkward bounty of photographic gems. Many raise such philosophical questions about the nature of the universe as aforementioned, and others include pet-human dopplegangers, subtle strangling, lasers and nudity. As anyone knows, along with my friend Sandra, I am one of the biggest CDLz (Crazy Dog Ladiez) that ever walked the earth. But these people may have taken the cake. Ziggy, be glad your mom is at least not this crazy.

AwkwardFamilyPet2 AwkwardFamilyPet1 AwkwardFamilyPet3 AwkwardFamilyPet4 AwkwardFamilyPet7 AwkwardFamilyPet6

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  • jason

    oh my!

  • Lovejadeheart

    Sexy <3

  • Gwendolyn

    Is that a young Steve Buscemi 3rd from the bottom?

  • I wonder if there was any argument on who got to hold the parrot and who got to hold the assault rifle with bayonet AND scope!?!? Next time, the bird should wear shades as well.

  • Someone’s got to turn these into a series of paintings stat.

  • Haha, it looks like Steve Buscemi doesn’t it! In the parrot pic, I’m personally jealous of the awesome tri-color velour jacket, haha.

  • Jonze

    I have that poodle lady pic stuck up on my wall as part of a collage of stuff by all my favourite designers, it’s just that awesome.

  • Which is some inspiring stuff. By no means realized that opinions could possibly be this diverse.

  • Jonze- Ha! So glad this post could make it up onto your inspiration post! Maybe you can follow Jlar’s advice and turn it into a painting…?