Power of Selection Part 2


I apologize for shameful self-promotion, but I really couldn’t help myself. Here are some shots from The Power of Selection Part 2,  the second installment in my 3 part conquest to bring work to Chicago that otherwise doesn’t get shown here. Check it out!




6Dana Dart-Mclean


Keegan McHargue



Denise Kupferschmidt



That sweet sweet black & white painting at the top is done by Evan Gruzis (duh). On view @ WX until August 7th. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Eric

    I was recently at this gallery and saw the work. My tip is to skip this room in the gallery. They might be good for a high school artist, but the quality of these works are almost embarrassing to have on view. Spend your time with the work in the main gallery where the work is interesting, technique is developed, and the artist seems to care about his/her audience. I wish them the best of luck though.

  • I love the evan gruzis piece, and denise kupferschmidt is a really goodd artist too.

  • neat stuff!