Radames “Juni” Figueroa


Today I was perusing the website of Proyectos Ultravioleta, a Guatemala based gallery, and found the work by Radames “Juni” Figueroa. Besides a sweet painting of a mustachiod Dracula rocking a cape and a Misfits shirt (dream babe, hello!) I found the above readymade installation. Lo and behold, I discovered a Beautiful/Decay apparel shirt we did with Rob Thom shirt we did from four years ago! Sweet! While we’ve since sold out of that shirt, Radames, if you’re listening, we did a re-make of the Bad Brains classic cover art work (now re-christened Decayed Brains) which is for sale on our online shop. If you care to make another installation work out of our T-shirts. Really great work….check out more after the jump!

This shirt's for you, Radames

This shirt's for you, Radames

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  • JUNI rocks in PR!!!! ….true punk rocker artist… fuck yeah! =)

  • hey guys i like the Bad Brains (now re-christened Decayed Brains) t-shirt 🙂
    It is possible that send me one of those shirts for puerto rico… i need rocking

  • Hi Radames! Thanks for writing…the shirt is available here:

    If you e mail me I’ll give you a 10% discount code!