Emma Hack


Painter and sculptor Emma Hack‘s collection, “Wallpaper,” is a series of meticulously painted models made to blend in with the designs behind them – true wallflowers! Hack must have been incredibly patient when working on canvases that move and breathe; her work is so precise, if you blur your vision, the models effortlessly become part of the wallpaper.









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  • Reminds me of klimt

  • Mr C

    Reminds me of nausea

  • tyat so cool

  • i mean thats so so cool

  • if you’d like to see more of Emma’s work, check out her website: http://www.emmahackartist.com

  • Awesome! This is work.

  • A little more lighting and they would completely disappear from the photo.

  • jackiemearound

    Fantastic art, but models made a big sacrifice shaving their pubes. Nothing itches worse than that!

  • How could anyone paint with that kind of precision on a model? It’s amazing what artists do to stand out from the crowd.

  • dido

    Reminds me of something i have seen allready,
    Its nicer but seen allready

  • Camouflage is basically what it is folks. Models must be very patient and not move a muscle. Dam good work.