Brad Woodfin


There is something eccentric, smug, cranky, entitled, curious, and charismatic about Brad Woodfin’s little goat-guy that I can’t help but compare to my little pug, Ziggy. He has a habit of jumping on the B/D ottoman to look out the window whenever something is “going on” downstairs, and this is pretty much what he looks like when he does it. Wonderful paintings of fauna by Brad Woodfin.



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  • Thanks Sasha,

    I have a new show opening in December at Sloan Fine Art in NYC. The images are on my site. Thanks the post about the goats.


  • penny german

    I love your work Brad especially this style of working in strong darks. Is that glazing or are you painting lights into a strong dark ground – amazing!! Is this what sfumato is????
    Keep it up.
    Thanks – Penny