Daniel Brereton


I love patterns, and I definitely get my fill through Daniel Brereton’s work. We are featuring yet another renaissance man who not only exhibits his lively work in galleries, but also works in music videos, apparel design, and etc.


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  • droolin

    i love the naive approach to this stuff..outside,folk art whatever u want to call it. IT’S THE FUCKING BOSSSS!!!!

  • droolin

    i said naive, but it always seems like that’s a negative word cuz people say that annoying phrase “don’t be so naive” i feel like that takes away from the awesomeness so i just wanted to cut the line linking it to something bad.
    does that sound stupid…i can’t tell

  • Julie

    I appreciate your concern for not wanting to offend, I totally get it. I get a little paranoid about that sort of stuff myself.

  • Hyperbole

    The word you are looking for is naiveté. And it’s not usually offensive, a lot of artists go for this style .

  • Droolin

    thanks…naivete. i’ll remember that one.