A Day In Decay: Traction Ave

Los Angeles street art

One of the upsides to working downtown is the ability to walk to get lunch. I know everyone thinks that we never walk anywhere in LA but I’m here to say that I walk a solid two blocks to get lunch everyday. (Take that NYC!) So this week, I decided to take my trusty digi cam on my trek and see what’s new on our local street art spot. I’m not sure why this corner gets continually covered in posters but there is a new poster up on this thing every damn day.

Los Angeles street art

Can’t complain about this little number.

Los Angeles street art

Somebody wants  Terry Richardson dead. Maybe Michael pulled the trigger?

Los Angeles street art

Lots of interaction with the posters on our block. It’s like playing a board game on the walls. Someone puts up a poster. Another person crosses it out. Then a third guy comes and writes something over it. It’s a vicious circle of one liners.

Los Angeles street art

Somebody stole our bench. Guess the drunks and crazies will have to find another place in the shade to post up.
Los Angeles street art

I bet the person who stole the bench was poppin’ a few of these.

Los Angeles street art

I can’t argue with that.Los Angeles street artor this

Los Angeles street art

Or this!!!

Los Angeles street art

This stencil was probably the coolest find during my stroll.


On my way back, yet another fashion shoot was happening in front of this wall. I wish I had a better photo but  one of the guys in the shoot had a crazy haircut that looked like a rooster just sat on his head. Unfortunately (actually fortunately) for you my iphone doesn’t have a zoom lens.

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  • http://www.visceralresponse.com Dina

    I love the posters down on Traction Ave. I was there for Bloomfest and took my own photo of “Hipsters Beware.” But you missed the little sticker next to it that says “Art Philosophy Sucks.”

  • http://daledreiling.net Dale Dreiling

    The JFK poster is hipster irony itself. Catch 22.

    In true JFK fashion, it should read: Hipsters beware…of the FED

  • scumbody

    I know who took your bench. . i won’t tell because they’re using it for skateboarding. It’s in good hands dnt worry.

  • Amir

    well it wasn’t our bench exactly but after their done shredding they might want to put it back. the corner isn’t the same without it.