Baby Was A Black Sheep

Picture 5

We received a ‘zine today from one of our previously featured photographers, Elle Perez. He even sent us a very sweet thank you note in which he offered to buy us coffee if we are ever in town. The images in the ‘zine are from his series Ghettopunk. Incredibly striking shots! It’d be cool if Elle made postcards of them…I’d love to mail some out to my friends.


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  • jai

    Elle Perez is a chick (Elle even means “she” or “her” in French). Not trying to be a jerk here, I love this site, but I think you (and probably a lot of other people) may have assumed that she is a guy because she takes the kind of gritty photographs of punks and skateboarders that have traditionally been taken by men. Good on you, Elle. Defy those gender expectations!