Adam Levene


Columbus, Ohio based Illustrator, Adam Levene, graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA, and attended Illustration Academy for an extended study. His illustrations have a very classic style to them with a very strong sense of narration. Out of everything of his work, I really enjoyed his portraitures. Not only is he consistently generous in story, but character as well.





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  • The work reminds me of El Greco. Am I the only one seeing the resemblance?

  • Pato, the top one def has that vibe! I was lucky enough to see some in Spain when I was there, awesome.

  • Sasha, I know. He El Greco is amazing. Crazy as can be, perhaps that’s why his art was so great. I also read some of the other articles you wrote. Pretty cool. Kudos to you! Pato

  • elaciano

    I am in awe.