Dina Goldstein

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For women everywhere who grew up with Disney princesses, at one time or another have been disappointed to find out that “happily ever after” is a very rare occurrence, and even then life cannot be consistently easy or good without a few hardships. I feel that a small part of me is avenged through Dina Goldstein’s harshly realistic series “Fallen Princesses.” In this series, Disney’s version of princesses find themselves introduced to the real world, and battling a world their previous audience live in. Everything from a stressful married life, obesity, depression, illness, etc. Just like everyone else they must address their conflict, and confront whatever the outcome may be.

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  • http://lensverse.com/ LensVerse

    Amazing concept.

  • JDF

    The image of Rapunzel is absolutely haunting.

  • http://www.sonicprint.com kelesy @ sonicprint & direct mail

    great concept, great execution

  • Julie

    For me, Snow White is particularly haunting, my ultimate fear.

  • kc
  • Julie

    Just in case you weren’t aware, the blue-colored words are linked to the appropriate website. But thanks for the link in case there was anyone else who didn’t know.

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    Nice post on gold stein

  • Magick

    I’m not sure if Pochahontas is supposed to be on the rez or not, but it looks like she is and it’s perfect.

  • SarahJean

    It’s a good concept, my only thought is that it would seem more appropriate that Cinderella would be in Snow White’s scene. She ends up back where she was, cleaning and serving after marrying the Prince.

  • http://www.cort.com Daisy

    These are so striking. The Rapunzel image made my spine tingle

  • http://www.stylemadesimple.net/index.html Wardrobe stylist

    Great Post one Dina Goldstein image made spine tingle

  • http://twitter.com/To0oso0oo Sarah.

    And there goes my childhood. Down the freakin’ drain.
    The picture did make my spine tingle though…

  • http://www.cherylchanphotography.com/ Cheryl Chan

    Great concept!

    The image of Ariel would definitely be true if mermaids ever exist in realistic world.