Ted Vasin

Ted Vasin illustrates an intensely surreal world for his viewers to get lost into. Combining his tight representational drawing skills with colorful abstract forms, Ted succeeds in both keeping us in awe of his draftsmanship, and a little disturbed through subject matter.

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  • jennifer

    I love this!I love how its mainly graphite with hint of color that makes it pop! beautiful

  • OH MY”I had not realized the pieces are that LARGE..HOW DO you keep it straight?
    I saw you sketching along with a Log thing on the wall?
    PLEASE TELL HOW it is done…I SIT and sketch …..and sketch and everything is crooked..
    YOU AMMAZE ME! and these in decay and fantastic….and the Portrait ……….

  • when I grow up I want to be a artist.
    Just Like YOU!