A Day In Decay: Randomness In Italy

I have so many photos from my Italy trip that I’m having a hard time categorizing them into different posts. Hence, here is a post with a mix of a lil bit of everything from  me tossing up the devil horns in the house of God to Venice flooding at high tide. It’s a tourist photo album but on crack! Found this guy during a gondola ride in Venice. All the other boats were paint grey or black but this lil guy had some personality. Some serious Gelato umbrella DIY action. Each ball of Gelato is a hand painted, sewn patch. Eat your heart out American Etsy crafters. They make Gelato and sew all at once! Good typography and penmanship can be found even at the corner pastry shop in Venice. I knew Venice had canals but who knew that if you take one wrong turn the sidewalk turns into a river. I almost walked right into this while looking at a map. If you look closely you’ll see the edge of where the sidewalk ends and a 5 foot drop into a canal starts. The don’t like the nukes in Venice. Found this dude chillin’ in Florence. Is that a smoke in his mouth or is he just happy to see me? My wife took this but I had to put it up. If B/D had a gelato stand this is what our cones would look like. Decay Gelateria. It has a nice ring to it! When lost in Florence just look to the stars for directions. This is a tiny puppy with giant bat wings on the side of a building. I need something like this carved into the side of our office. Illegal merchants can be found all over Italy’s tourist spots. I ran across this stand in one of the busier alleyways in Florence.  I love the photo above it that clearly points to who is selling the fakes. Thanks for the help Mr.Government official but its not hard to figure out that Lucas Voyton and Ghanel are knock offs. We hit up some thrift stores inbetween  tourist spots. This was one of my favorite finds. What lady wouldn’t wear “Sexy Woman” clothing. It’s a no brainer. Cathedral’s are all about symmetry. All Cathedrals have this window where the light floods into the room right above the door. If you look real hard you’ll see something happening in this photo that Mr.Pope wouldn’t approve of. Thankfully he had the day off. Check out the great logo on this cop car. This store wasn’t too exciting (even if it was the oldest shop in town) but I was into the hand lettering and the old worn out shoe combo. This is the Bio pool at a bed and breakfast we stayed at in Montepulciano. It’s pretty much the best place on earth. If you’re looking to eat good food, do a lot of relaxing, and spend 6 hours trying to photograph frogs jumping into the pool then this is the spot for you. I got you lil fucker! This was a collection of chewing gum and cigarette butts I found in the ruins near the Coliseum. Perhaps they are petrified? Speaking of the Coliseum. One word, Whoa! Dragons, even in Cathedrals are cool. Straight to the dome. This fat dude is angry! Those are supposed to be dolphins. I don’t know what dolphins looked like centuries ago but i’m glad they look like this now. Not sure what it means but I like it! Check out the amazing wings on that pony!

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  • “Mr.Pope wouldn’t approve of. Thankfully he had the day off.” is it the two gay guys or the candles casting up side down crosses on the wall…