Alexander James Is Drowning In Brands

Working with stylist Davy Pittoors and flowers supplied by The Willow Shoreditch, photographer Alexander James has created an incredibly beautiful series, Drowning in Brands. This collection features 10 recreations of some of the most recognizable brand symbols within the commercial world. I think what I enjoyed most about this series is the process of creation, and the fact that these did not undergo post production work either traditional or digital. Alexander required only rose formations and effectively clever lighting for this dark underwater photography. To view more of his work, make sure to visit his blog and stock library.

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  • Wow. There are quite a few layers to this series, both in form and substance. The technique is great and the subject matter is very interesting. It almost looks like an ode to these brands, which he treats with greater care and respect than you usually see in works of art that depict brand logos or advertising of one form or another.

  • Ben

    What shite… I pre-schooler could have done better.

  • Amir

    Ben not sure why you say that.