6 Degrees of Separation

Noah Becker has curated a sweet show of Canadian artists, Six Degrees of Separation, at Claire Oliver.  It’s nice to see what’s happening in the Canadian metropolises of Vancouver and Toronto, and the bulk of the artists are from these two cities.  The show covers a wide range of approaches, from the pop-optical abstractions of Ben Van Netten to Becker’s own highly detailed ink drawings.  Becker’s drawings make a nice metaphor for the artists he selected for the show; he’s making connections and building relationships that go beyond superficial resemblances.  Six Degrees will be up until November 13th.

This charcoal drawing of a chandelier by Trevor Guthrie did a phenomenal job capturing the illusion of sparkling crystal.  Guthrie’s work seemed to vacillate between abstract beauty and jokey playfulness.

A photo by Frank Torng.  

Alex McLeod had two nice photos of dense, futuristic mini-cities.

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