New Beautiful/Decay holiday T-shirt release!

Beautiful/Decay New Tees!

Whoever said that the early bird gets the worm clearly did not know about the Beautiful/Decay online shop. So here we are, in the last fleeting days of 2010, announcing our newly released apparel for all you holiday procrastinators out there! What better way to bring in the new year than by joining the infamous cult of decay. We all know that fashion is a game of staying ahead, so why not update that decrepit looking closet of yours with a little bit of excitement.

And just to further reward all you late birds out there, we are now, through January 5th, 2011,offering free standard ground shipping on all orders to the Beautiful/Decay shop! Just use the discount code SECRETSHIP during checkout to save yourself some cash and worms for the holidays.

Pictures and descriptions of all the new styles after the jump!


Behold the cult seal! Once you receive your shirt, hold it up face-level and make direct eye contact with our sacred seal. After a couple of seconds, the initiation will be over and you will then be a full fledged, official cult member. This ain’t no mickey mouse club folks! All cult member are sworn in for life to defend and honor our secrets forever. You must do anything and everything to promote creativity, spread our message, and crush all boring art that lies in your path.
Wondering how you leave the Cult of Decay? Well lets just say it involves a toads foot, a scolding pot of the B/D secret potion, and a strand of Basquiat’s dreadlocks.
Buy now from the B/D shop!


Flip your lid and start pouring the shots of Ipecac! Rock out with this Beautiful/Decay shirt and you’ll be spewing out creativity in no time.
Buy now from the B/D shop!


Bartender, another round of Ipecac please! Flip your lid in full color with this Beautiful/Decay shirt and you’ll be spewing out creativity in no time.
Buy now from the B/D shop!


Put on some shades, turn on the black light, and let the walls turn into a million little dots that will blow away with the wind and enter another world. It’s time to bug out!
Buy now from the B/D shop!


Welcome to the mother of all house shows. Everyone’s drunk, the singer is riding a unicorn, and demons with super soakers are coming to get you.
Buy now from the B/D shop!


This guy just walked out of a Mayhem show and sacrificed a virgin to the gods of the Cult of Decay. Long live the cult!
Buy now from the B/D shop!


Satan worshipping goats, crow bars, and psychedelic swirls.This ain’t no real comic book cover but it should be.
Buy now from the B/D shop!

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