Eric Larson Lunar Year

Eric Larson, Lunar Year 2008 Collage 32 x 46 in. Collage using Moon Cycles collected for one year between 2007-2008.

Collecting moon cycles for the course of one year – Eric Larson makes collages and mandalas with dedication and patience. His process and the materials used offer an entry point into a conversation of time, aging and the repetitive patterns we inconspicuously pass by.

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The artist writes “I began these collages after collecting marks and ephemera that I found in the newspaper.  I was particularly drawn to color print marks and images of the moon.  I chose these materials because they were accessible and have an unintentional aesthetic quality that I wanted to highlight.  Eventually, I started to use other sources of print marks with different shapes and colors that allowed new compositions to emerge.

The work is created slowly and methodically to mark time with a particular material until a project is complete, anywhere from a few weeks to a year.  The repetition of marks and materials creates a surface texture that is similar to a textile.  The accumulation of various colors and shapes results in an endless variety of patterns that can be shaped by slight shifts in placement.

Eric Larson, Lunar Year Detail

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