Geoffrey Todd Smith @ Luis De Jesus, LA !

This coming Saturday (Jamuary 22nd), Geoffrey Todd Smith opens up Casual X @ Luis De Jesus. Using the letter X as a jump -off point for his newest suite of paintings, Smith serves up a helping of beautifully big-balled geometric abstraction. More jams after the jump…

Above: A Line of Fellas To Your Trellis – 20″x 16″

Below: A Tongue– 20″x 16″

Patrioteque– 24″x 18″

A XXX Track About the Back Of Your Slacks– 20″x 20″

Casual X– 24″x 18″

Spectral Hex– 12″x 12″

Sex Play With Your X-Ray– 24″x 18″

Exotic Socks On an Erotic Fox– 20″x 16″

Exact Impact– 14″x 11 1/2″

Copperfield Road– 14″x 11 1/2″

Also, on the same night, GTS will have a new painting in the Jose Lerma curated, leviathan-sized group show, A Person of Color @ The Green Gallery East in Milwaukee. Sexy stuff.

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