Wayne Gilbert’s Human Remains Paintings

Wayne Gilbert doesn’t just paint your average minimal iconic paintings? His painting process involves mixed REAL human remains into his work. I’m not sure if he’s visiting the local funeral home to pick up a bag of dust or taking bones and pulverizing them to mix into paint but he definitely gets the “creepiest art material” award for 2011. Check out the rest of his work after the jump.

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  • zeph

    I like the idea of making images from human remains, but I wish mr. gilbert had spent a little more time considering what images to represent with this medium. If my earthly remains were to be used in such a manner, I would prefer not to be made into a cliche farmhouse or a generic logo.

  • Amir

    You got some good points Zeph. However what if McDonalds was your favorite lunchtime spot?

  • Wow, having just been introduced, there’s a lot to ponder here. Moving work. And regarding approval, should I go “unclaimed”, I think I like the idea of my remains staying busy.