Wyatt W.’s Death in Rainbows

The idea of finding and re-sharing images on the internet is nothing new, but sometimes someone does it well enough it’s worth talking about. Canadian artist Wyatt W.’sDeath In Rainbows tumblr is not the usual loosely connected (or completely random) mess, it is broken down into meticulously curated sets of fascinating images. This care and direction create an experience that is both focused and full of surprises.

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  • David

    absolutely stunning site. seems otherworldly and born of coincidence and yet obviously the product of slavish attention to detail.

  • Your stuff continues to inspire me. Beautiful eye and attention to detail!

  • A.R.

    it’s like gorgeous, palpable dreaming out loud

  • dave cooper

    oh my god, this is the most amazing mixed tape of eyeball candy ever compiled. never before have i wanted to have my way with a rainbow the way i do right now. and afterwards, fried eggs on neptune with a pentagram of hot babes! i’m off to bookmark, the tumblr page, but we really need some sort of regular dose of this bizarre vision in print, high res and all!

  • DaddioBop

    an unusual degree of subtlety here in concept and execution. would like to see more by this guy.

  • JPW


  • Tina

    The man behind images that make me want to run naked through a forest must be a talented genius. Juss sayin’….

  • This succession of images is like the flow of better dreams. Too bad my yoga class doesn’t have ladies like that doing bridge pose!

  • osborne

    so RAD !! can’t get enough of his site !!

  • How does something like this even come to be? The thought and care is so evident! Sighs…. inspired!

  • pg

    i wish more of the internet involved this much thought and reflection. i hope he starts making prints or even shirts available…

  • allie

    gah!!! love love love love.

  • AP

    Great stuff – very nostalgic…

  • Ben

    there goes my afternoon at work… lost in these images.

    you should be making album covers. with a gatefold, naturally.

  • marie france nitski

    C’est absolument fantastique .J’ai eu quelques instants de grand plaisir a regarder ces photos…la pluspart m’ont étonnee et certaines étaient si belles!. Je pense que cet artiste est formidable de les avoir trouver et transformées et assemblées.mf nitski

  • Justin

    A gem like Wyatt W.’s accretion of work is a temporary amnesia from the barrage of information out there, making art a worthwhile pursuit in times of doubt.

  • jo mo

    this photo set is amazing! so dreamy and relaxing…i love it