Awesome Video Of The Day: Ultimate Form Of Street Art

This has to be the ultimate piece of street art. Not only can you stick it to the man by removing corporate companies messages off of billboards and other video based ads but you can put up whatever you like in its place. Maybe a video of you doing your favorite dance move, sleeping, or  better yet an image of the stars and sky that you would see if the massive eyesores weren’t there. I’m curious to see where advances in technology and street art will take us. What do you think? Watch the full video after the jump.

***UPDATE!*** Well looks like the jokes on me. There is another version of this video where the guy says he is on a drug right before he starts talking. Apparently this is a viral video for a new movie called Limitless. Guess the man stuck it to me in the end! Damn It!

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  • anthony

    yeah to bad corporate company made this it was a viual video for some new movie that just came out

  • Miguel

    it’s a viral for the “Limitless” motion picture marketing. Sorry

  • Miguel

    … so much for the bla bla stick it to the man. It’s the man himself doing it. 😉 (as always)

  • haha

  • it’s fake. it’s an add for the upcoming flick, limitless.

  • La G


  • fuck mainstream movies about street art. no one messes with the cult!