Fintan Magee’s Street Art Installations

Fintan Macgee’s work is an interesting mix of street art and installation. My favorite works are the ones featuring the piles of both painted and real trash bags. When I lived in NYC I used to always take photos of the piles of trash that show up in Manhattan at the end of the day. I figured I’d do something with the images one day but apparently Fintan beat me to the punch.

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  • Art truly has changed with/ahead of times. The artscene today truly is reflective of the web 2.0 / social networking reality we live in. Interactions and reactions are instantaneous, fleeting but meaningful in the moment. Yesterdays tweets are ancient history.

    Wonder how museums / art historians will evolve to chronicle this little development…

  • Will the meaningful in (of) the moment be meaningful in the future as well?

  • These have to be the most hipster wall murals i’ve ever scene. Though, there is a great deal of interesting detail. I don’t know if I’ve scene contoured flesh tones mixed with painterly animal heads before…interesting.