Daniel kukla’s Captive Landscapes

I’ve always hated zoos. They are so cold, artificial, and sad. I personally only support animal sanctuaries as they actually take care of the animals instead of treating them like cheap objects on display.  Daniel kukla’s Captive Landscapes documents 8 different zoos in the US, capturing the artifiicial spaces that we create for these poor animals so that we can look and point at them.

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  • lucas

    it is really sad

  • zoos are the saddest place on earth,,i still remember crying as a kid when i saw a giraffe in a room/pen where it could not extend it’s head up. i never let any adult take me to a zoo after that.

  • eyehategod

    It at least makes me happy too see that someone behind my favorite art publication is in agreement with me on the state of animals in this world. I’ve even got vegetarian friends who don’t seem to mind going to the zoo or getting a job there…

  • Phil

    how does being vegetarian have anything to do with how people experience animal rights? plenty of people are vegetarian just for the fact that they dont want to want to eat meat.