Awesome Video Of The Day: Painting On Water


I know, I know, this is a bit cheesy. But try to look past the terrible music, the Yanni style haircut, and even the cheesy artwork. What I’m into is the technique. I challenge you, loyal Cult Of Decay members to use this painting technique to make something amazing. Watch the full video after the jump, turn off the computer and get going!

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  • zeph

    actually, i have looked into this. it seems pretty much impossible to make anything other than variations on a flower pattern. but maybe someone will make a breakthrough!

  • Graham

    This is the same as the marbling technique used to create the psychedelic endpapers for bookbinding. There’s way more room here for subtlety and things that don’t automatically look like flowers.

    Check it here:

  • Mike

    VERY COOL!!!

  • WOW! – very very impressed, that is an awesome technique!