Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s Faces For A New World

giuseppe mastomatteo photography

Poetic surrealism courtesy of Giuseppe Mastromatteo & digital wizardry.

Awesome Video Of The Day: The Mountain

Like everyone else I’m a big sucker for beautiful time lapse footage, especially if it involves shooting stars and the Milky Way filmed in one of the worlds most magnificent settings.  Oslo based Terje Sorgjerd does the hard work for us by hiking the tough terrain of  Mt. El Teide in Spain to bring us one of the most epic time lapse videos i’ve seen in a while. Check out the full video and Terje’s full account of his experience after the jump!

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Dawn Tan’s Epic Munchies

Looking at Dawn Tan’s sculptures makes me hungry. The young Melbourne based artist is interested in how packaged food is taking over natural, organic food and how traditional made-from-scratch meals are becoming replaced by frozen/fast food. Dawn also has a fun series of performance based photography work that you can also check out after the jump.

(via: Share Some Candy)

Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pi


First seen here last year, Spanish illustrator Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pi has updated his portfolio with a number of intensely colorful portraits created with a Wacom Bamboo. His series of men holding various objects is also pretty great.

Artwork Of The Day: Mad Cow Motorcycle

I’m loving Billie Grace Lynn’s Mad Cow Motorcycle.  A combination of electric motorcycle and cow bones. Could this be commentary on our dependence of fossil fuels?

Documentary Watch: Jake Blanchard

Jake Blanchard illustration

London based production team Sam&Sam  have created a great  mini documentary on British illustrator Jake Blanchard that gets into the artists process of printmaking, his anxieties of being a freelance illustrator, and his favorite projects. Watch the full documentary after the jump.

Yumi Nakata’s Exploded Heads

Yumi Nakata’s paintings are a powerful mix of  cute girly whimsy and psychedelically charged face explosions. It’s a tough combination to pull off but Yumi’s paintings will equally please fans of Kawaii culture and 60′s psychedelic posters.

William Emmert Updates

We first featured William Emmert’s work last year but he’s back again with a great new body of work revolving around posters from his childhood bedroom and other objects of nostalgia. Join him as he takes us back to the 80′s when Urkel was king and the Undertaker ruled the WWF.