Ellie Cryer’s Chasing Storms

If Ellie Cryer weren’t focusing on drawing she’d be chasing storms or spotting planes, both of which occupations are probably in high demand seeing as the recent events in Alabama and Pakistan (yes, us killing Osama means we should be on an even higher terror alert). Luckily, despite the allure, her focus seems to be on the drawing board where she brings together an exotic mix of color with human emotion attached to nature and other surreal elements. Enjoy more of he work below.


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  • chris

    (yes, us killing osama means we should be on even higher terror alert):

    i don’t know about you, but i’ve never killed anyone. at least not directly or purposefully, anyhow. also, i never voted for any politician. i never stole any oil. i never landed on the moon. we didn’t do this, or that. they did, someone else did. leave me out of it.