Roland Hicks’ Sticky Paintings

Roland Hicks’ hyperrealistic paintings of gum stuck to the bottoms of shoes is a perfect example of how any subject matter can be made interesting.

Kristine Moran

Juicy oil paintings by Kristine Moran.

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Martha Parsey

Lets keep the painting posts going with the beautiful fashion based works of Martha Parsey.

Scott Greenwalt

Scott Greenwalt peels back the skin of the world to show you what’s really inside.

Michael Alvarez

Another B/D friend Michael ¬†Alvarez has also updated his painting portfolio. check out the the tats on the guys above… Amazing!

Awesome Video Of The Day: Xmas Idents

Yup. This animation features Santa sliding down a pole in a strip club while bizarre monsters and vegetables make it rain. That should be enough of a description to make you watch the full video after the jump…

Ashley Bickerton’s Nocturnes

Ashley Bickerton’s current show Nocturnes freatures paintings and c-prints that¬†reveal the sordid gutters of paradise; a fractured world illuminated by neon and laden with lost boys, bloated sex tourists, escapist degenerates and opportunists. Nocturnes is up at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in NYC through June 25th.

David Miller’s Fashion Animals

A great mixture of fashion and animal images by Phoenix based photographer David Miller.