Awesome Video Of The Day: Loom

One year in the making, Loom is an epic story of a moth caught in a spiders web. You probably can guess the outcome but rest assured that you’ve never seen nature take its course in such an intense and vivid way. Watch the full video after the jump.

Jorge Mascarenhas’s Dream World

Jorge Mascarenhas’s illustrations mix fluid brushwork and epic dreamlike narratives.

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Drawing Tools

Get back in touch with nature with Stanley Ruiz’s twig crayons. Makes me think what cavemen would have done if they had a 24 pack of Crayola coloring sticks!


Alexandra Mackenzie


I could spend months staring at Alexandra Mackenzie’s ultra detailed drawings. Featuring tribal shamans, flesh eating wolfs, and tiny unicorns running around in balls of hair, Alexandra’s drawings have something for everyone. The only thing missing is that there aren’t more drawing on Alexandra’s site. While the drawings are in short supply she does have a great series of collage work that relate to the drawings in a very interesting way.

Melissa Brown’s Cave View

Nestled around a fire, inside a cozy cave, the first painter picked up some charcoal and drew a Mastodon.  The Cave is also the place where Plato described the world unenlightened people view as “shadows of the images the fire throws” against the back wall.  Courbet painted his cavern, The Source of the Loue, with an oarsman like the mythical Charon, ferrying people across the river Styx for a coin.  Caves are mysterious places, tied into our deepest roots: metaphors for our experiences, fears, and knowledge.  Melissa Brown, who we did a studio visit with a few months ago, has been working with an interesting group of printmakers at Random Number.  She has a new silkscreen out – Cave View.  Check, it, out.

Brice Bischoff’s Bronson Caves

Since early cinema, The Bronson Caves in Los Angeles have been used as a film location, appearing in Science Fiction (“Invasion Of The Body Snatchers“) and western movies (“The Searcher“) and many television shows.

Photographer Brice Bischoff used the caves once again as a stage set for his series Bronson Caves, creating technicolor ghosts created with colored paper and long exposures. Make sure to Visit Brice’s blog to see some film stills of the caves in various movies from 1932 to present.

Next Day Flyers Presents: Robjoe

A very nice collection of prints, graphic, typography, and apparel design from Estonian designer/illustrator Robi Jõeleht AKA Robjoe.


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