Friends With You NYC Opening

Adorno once said, “Those who peruse art solely with comprehension make it into something straightforward, which is furthest from what it is. If one seeks to get a closer look at a rainbow, it disappears.” Respectively, I am going to have to disagree with his insightful assertion. That is, after experiencing the FriendsWithYou New York city take over this past week. The emotional and visual experience of FriendsWithYou art on display starting this past week proved that artwork can be successfully and simply straightforward, while still perpetuating depth within its comprehension. Furthermore it was proven that sometimes, the rainbow doesn’t have to disappear.

The end of the rainbow was revealed at FriendsWithYou’s first New York solo exhibition at The Hole, which took place last Thursday night 6/9 on the Bowery and coincided with their Rainbow City installation at The High Line.

The opening, entitled “ 🙂 ” was an explosion, and a true mimesis of the art that hugged the ebullient crowd that came to see the magic. From the rainbow sculpture that literally replicated the end of a rainbow, to the colossal inflatable, to an infinity puddle, to the simple yet iconic FWY pieces that hung from the walls of the gallery, the pop-like art that currently fills The Hole clearly limns a beautiful message.

One of the two artists in FriendsWithYou, Sam Borkson commented on this message and the lively opening, stating, “What you can find at The Hole is a secret garden of a magical scene of all the stories living inside of us. Each piece is a blossoming adventure just waiting to occur in all of our lives.” This adventure and message that is bounded in each piece undoubtedly creates a kind of fine art inertia, which releases and reminds the outer spectator of the magic so deeply rooted in our human spirit.

The artists, a beautifully dynamic duo, Sam and Tury, boldly reiterate this message through reminiscent shapes and colors of innocuous youth and the intrinsic essence of being alive. You can’t help but feel the energy when in the presence of FriendsWithYou art. You feel a pure revival of the vestige of human spirit.


From installation, to friendly gadgets, to their fine art experience, these artists ceaselessly create an evocation of personal and public connection. But what is most magical of all is the sincerity in their message and direction. One so pure, it brings you back to the core, only to thwart your smiling soul outward. A welcoming and unpretentious gesture that always has you walking away with a “ 🙂 ”.


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  • Great photos. I was at the exhibition last week, linked this page to my blog post today. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Very nice pictures and great site, the good work.

  • The photos are very beautiful and a nice template.

  • What is art and what is crap? I like the lolipop ball, would be nice in my garden.