Gillian Lambert’s awkward Faces

I’ve been looking at abstracting the human figure in my own work lately so it was a nice surprise to find the work of Gillian Lambert in my inbox. Gillian’s self portraits contort, bend, twist, and pull her face in every which way creating surprising, grotesque, and beautifully awkward images for us to enjoy!






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  • funny~ especially the head stuck in the shirt.

  • justin nelson

    some serious technical ability.

  • otto

    The shading and her textures are amazing, I love these!

  • Thanks,
    For my is important discover new options respect the comunication of the art, Thank for invite me.
    The best:
    Fabio Bedoyah

  • Beuty works, is cretive and real

  • Random

    Good grief…you people really are running out of ideas aren’t you?