Sisilia Piring Doesn’t Do Digital

Sisilia Piring apparently doesn’t do digital but does take beautiful photos of beautiful ladies.












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  • don’t these feel a bit “hipster” cliché/american apparel ad? especially the lace bodysuit and headdress photo?

  • I could see your point but some american apparel ads are beautifully shot, even if they feature scantly clad women.

  • i’m not particularly taking issue with scantly clad women; it’s more that this specific (limited) representation of women and this “style” of photography (whether it be digital or film) is beginning to feel redundant and formulaic. take a young thin (most likely white) women, ask her to strip down to her underwear, get her to writhe around on the floor. take photo. the end.

    yes, it might have elicited a reaction from me when i first started seeing them 5-6 years ago, but now it’s more of a… “again? really?”

    does that mean it is not beautifully shot? not necessarily. does it mean that it’s boring, uninteresting, repetitive? in my opinion, yes.

  • Trace

    Yes, but you have to keep in mind that you take the cue of the person/company who is paying you to take these photos for their brand or look.