Documentary Watch: Project Nim


Project Nim is a powerful look at how science can go from studying an animal to exploiting it.  In this doc we follow Nim, an adorable baby chimpanzee who was taken from his mother and placed with a foster human mother as part of a “nature vs. nurture” academic experiment. Nim was to grow up around humans and learn language and communicate like a human being.

As the project wore on Nim’s animal behavior got in the way of the experiment, and that’s when things stopped looking so rosy for Nim. It’s heartbreaking to see a sentient being get shuffled around like a pair of shoes, and that’s what makes this an important film to see. This sort of thing happens all the time and these stories need to get told so the public is aware of how animals are treated in our own back yards. Definitely put this one one your list of movies to see this summer. It’s out 7/15, for more info  visit the site.



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