Nope this isn’t all the subscription money i’ve been stuffing in my mattress for the last ten years. Rather it’s a trompe l’oeil sculpture by Randall Rosenthal. Each sculpture is hand carved from a single block of wood and then painstakingly painted for months. See more of Randall’s amazingly realistic wood sculptures after the jump.











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  • the envelope with the money$ & the fade behind the paper! insane. superb**

  • william Emmert

    love the baseball cards and the texture of the cardboard.

  • LG

    You would, William. But yeah – these are really amazing! Good find, Amir!!

  • why thank you.

  • Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

    Amazing work! Unique! there is nothing like it…

  • thanks for the kind words. i have gotten a lot of response from this posting. i appreciate it.

  • Sharon

    interesting! The bills look like you can take it right off the rubber band! But you can’t, right?!!

  • Wow! Those are so crazy. I love the one that looks like a binder.

  • Ali

    Such talent!

  • WOW no way 🙂 I want to touch it. It is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
    Patients : you’ve got it 🙂

  • Lisa

    This is amazing.

  • Twila Nesvold

    This is crazy fabulous!!!
    I love it all! You are really verry talented!
    Best of luck

  • I am awe struck. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Brad Q

    This kind must be some kind of a savant.

  • I am a fellow arty person. I make and teach jewellery making. Didn’t get it until saw that you craft them in wood!!! Oh my word that is impressive. Wow wow wow

  • No way! Those are insane…I love them!

  • Wow, amazing talent. So gifted, had to show my husband.

  • Ridiculously amazing. I wish it showed a time lapse photo of some sort. It’s almost too hard to believe!

  • thanks again for all the kind words…i really do appreciate it. if ypu look on the website there are process shots for”cutting board” and “cardbox”. if you look at the woodcarving forum on “sawmill creek” you can watch the first sculpture (yop of the page)”old money” from a block of wood to completion….thanks again!!

  • Ugo

    Well i was fooled. As any other man i didn.t read the text and jumped to the meat ; I was not impressed : anyone can throw junk in a box. Then reading the text jaw dropped. Really impressive