Canson Wet Paint Grant Recipient: Wendell Gladstone

As long as there have been artists, there have been people who recognized that the innovation and creativity of truly unique individuals should be nurtured. Beautiful/Decay Magazine is very pleased to announce its collaboration with the CansonRoyal Talens family of art supply brands on the Wet Paint Grants project.

Canson, Royal Talens and Arches have been manufacturing the highest quality art materials that inspire artists for centuries. Likewise, artists have been playing a key role in development of products that they make at their own mills.

Most recently, Canson and Beautiful/Decay teamed up to choose eight artists in the United States, who exemplify a passion and commitment to their craft. Over each of the next eight weeks, Beautiful/Decay will announce a new recipient of the Wet Paint Grant. Each artist chosen will receive a year’s worth of art supplies from any of the Canson family of brands. We hope the generosity of these grants will help each artist to leave limitations behind and produce the work that compels them. While the outside support of artists is an integral part of Art history, above all we congratulate and thank the artists, who are the impetus to brands like Canson, Royal Talens and Arches to continue encouraging the arts. Read about our first Wet Paint Grant recipient Wendell Gladstone after the jump.

For the first edition of the Wet Paint Grants, we bring you Los Angeles based artist, Wendell Gladstone.

Wendell Gladstone has the unique ability to create works that appear to have limitless subject matter, combined with a specificity of intention, demonstrating a truly creative mind and skilled hand. His paintings include all the flotsam and jetsam of dreams and waking lives, from crushed cans of Modelo, cigarettes and buttons, to figures imbued with a strange mythical narrative. Like an unraveling story, there’s no way to see all the painstakingly detailed aspects of each painting at first glance. You have to give yourself up to a devoted way of looking that allows the paintings to take you into their world. Once inside, you start noticing the small particularities: figures and objects made from relief carvings of layered paint; compositions of chaos that somehow carry themselves, balanced and resolved; the way seemingly disparate objects intertwine to fuel the narrative that we may or may not understand; and sometimes such an unexpected combination of things you can’t help but laugh.

Unencumbered by the prescribed applications of individual media, Gladstone utilizes psychological wanderings and the art of story telling. Combining 2D, 3D, and the dimension that occupies our minds, Gladstone blends his imaginative references to create a strange brew of surrealist fantasy and everyday objects. The success of the pieces lies in that whether the references and narratives are apparent or not, each work has enough stimuli to keep your eyes and mind happily engaged.


Make sure to visit the Canson and Royal Talens Facebook page and website for updates on future Wet Paint Grant recipients, updates on new products and other exciting news.







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  • These are super good.

  • I’m so psyched to see a company get behind creative people. Especially when money is tight. I already use Arches paper…

  • Terrific way to support great artist and empower them to do what they do best!

  • Great Project!

  • Katherine

    Glad to see this materials grant program. Now if only they could give out time!

  • stunning pieces. Truly breathtaking.

  • Melissa

    Its an elaborately beautiful update of surrealism. Well deserving of material support. I imagine that the various paint textures- flat color versus gradient, really sparkle in person.

  • thanks for all the support and kind words everyone. We got lots of other great artists coming up in the Canson + Beautiful/Decay Wet Paint Grant series. We’re having a great time supporting our fellow artists and helping our creative community grow!

  • I really appreciate Canson & Royal Talens + B/D for offering the grant and big thanks for all the supportive comments.

  • Dan Attoe

    This is so great that they’re supporting artists like this. Canson and Royal Talens make great products too. I use Arches paper every day, and Canson regularly.
    It’s the best I can find.

  • I use house paint, wood and drywall, and Kelly Moore and Home Depot would never do such a thing. Canson and Royal Talens are top notch in my book. A OKAY