Documentary Watch: Focus-Street Fighter Championship


The documentary FOCUS follows the trials and tribulations of professional gamer Mike Ross as he trains for EVO, one of the biggest tournaments in his life. Ross, who recently signed with pro gaming team CompLexity, is one of the most passionate and well respected fighters in the entire Super Street Fighter 4 community. Watch the full documentary after the jump.

alexander froese’s Bleak Message

Cynical humor and a dash of bleak outlook can be found in the prints of recent OCAD University graduate alexander froese.

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Julie Calbert

Belgian photographer Julie Calbert’s fashion photographs have the patina and alluring grainy texture of 1970′s fashion shoots but with a contemporary styling.

Adrienne Allebe’s Morphing Enviornment


Adrienne Allebe’s exquisite drawings are a visual manifestation of the events happing in our enviornment. Renderings of microscopic organisms morph, blend, and sit atop imagery of man-made objects. Endangered and threatened animals and environments are drawn and painted so that they appear to transform, disappear and reappear in order to reinforce the tenuous condition of their existence. And forms appear to float in and out of focus, sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently, evoking the uneasy merging of human industry and technology with natural ecosystems.

Adam Vorhees’ Dignified Animals

Adam Vorhees’ photographs portray animals in a new light. Gone is the image of a pathetic beast destined for a crappy zoo or slaughter house. Instead Adam presents portraits of complex and intriguing animals that you want to keep around forever and maybe even go for a jog with (Babe’s training for a marathon!).

Matthew Palladino

San Francisco artist Matthew Palladino‘s acrylic paintings unveil the dark and unhallowed secrets that are kept under everyday lives.

Only 45 Copies of Future Perfect Book left!


That’s right folks! Beautiful/Decay: Future Perfect is down to only 45 copies. This book will sell out this week so if you’ve been holding back on placing your order do it now. You can get your copy of this exquisitely designed Book: 6 for only $20 or buy a year long subscription for only $39.95 and get 3 books for $13 including shipping!

Awesome Video Of The Day: Welcome To Planet Earth

Welcome to Planet Earth is the story of the extremely unique Jody Pendarvis and his 30 foot UFO he built in his front yard in the small town of Bowman, SC. After a sighting of alien life forms, Jody built the giant UFO as a place to welcome aliens when they return. All though visitors are welcomed to check out this unique and slightly odd landmark, Jody hopes that he will one day see the return of his friends from the sky. Watch the full documentary by michael livingston for Pioneer Docs after the jump.