Pablo Boffelli’s Colorful Perception

Argentinian artist Pablo Boffelli visualizes a mysterious world deep into the depths of a modern technology age concerning amusing future civilizations through a humanistic combination of drawing and collage. Atypical colors layer on top of various textures and mediums in an abstract yet sensible way; drawing forth an inspection toward themes and ideas that aren’t usually explored.

Matthew Wade

Ghoulish stippled drawings by LA artist Matthew Wade.

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Eibatova Karina

I’m loving russian artist Eibatova Karina’s cosmically psychedelic drawings. The mushroom spiral shown above is amazing!

Marc Da Cunha Lopes’ Vertebrata

When the world ends will our bones rise from our graves to take over the world? French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes seems to think so.

Jackie K. Seo’s Hyper Realism

Jackie K. Seo’s hyper realistic figurative sculptures are painstakingly created to depict every hair, skin blemish, and spot on the figures bodies. Jackie says about her work, “ In each of my pieces I like to show a moment where we feel the need to repair something in our lives and how we deal with it. I think the style of hyper-realism is a good way of showing the minute subtleties of the challenges of life, in a sculptural form.

I can show things like the wetness of tears in the eyes, the flushing of skin or the story that the fine lines and wrinkles of the face tell. The biggest challenge is balancing the overall feel of the piece without getting lost in the details.”

Ill-Studio’s Greatest Abilities



Whether it’d be through art or design, France is the top destination to go to for any interested in construction and ingenuity with an urge for color experimention. Ill-Studio (founded in 2007) truly belongs to this cognition. Ill represents a collective of talented individuals headed by Léonard Vernhet and Thomas Subreville under one pretty ‘sick’ name.  The group experiments with shapes (a combination of both geometric and organic), thin and thick lines, and bold color saturation. Art-direction, photography, design, motion design, and typography are their greatest abilities; to describe the least.

Next Day Flyers Presents: Pencil Vs Camera!

Ben Heine’s Pencil Vs Camera! series combines photographs and Ben’s unlimited imagination to create images where anything can happen thanks to a sharp piece of graphite and a small piece of paper.


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Kostas Seremetis’ Ready…Steady…Go!

Belonging to the genre of abstract expressionism, Kostas Seremetis uses recognizable imagery from comics, film, and life in new and evocative ways; juxtaposing shapes and colors to powerful effect. Kostas’ Ready…Set…Go!, a solo exhibition by Kostas will premiere on September 12th at Fourth Wall Project in Boston.