Mr. Chiizu the artist’s iphone app

Mr. Chiizu will revolutionize the way you take photos on your iPhone. Why? Because now you can bathe every picture in the best graphics around. Mr. Chiizu is a photo app like no other because they offer artist themes for download, and the art is goood. Take Martinez & Trees for example, they made a pack for lovers of fast food, kitsch and tacos, which is pretty much everyone. table: artist’s themes. The Mr. Chiizu team worked on this slick and seamless app for over a year until it was bursting at the seam with features.

Let’s talk about the features, you can take a photo with it yes, but did you know you can also grab any of your Facebook friend’s photos as well? And once you have a photo you can apply photo filters or give everyone in the photo a mustache with the Magic Face Finder. But we’re just getting started! Now you’re ready to select one of the four free themes or download some of the featured artist themes for only $.99. And there are some exciting artists on the roster for the coming months, even Some Beautiful/Decay alumni are on the list. They have packs forthcoming from Hipster Animals artist Dyna Moe, Esther Kim and Crowded Teeth.

Everybody from your grandma to your baby cousin will love this app. Get your copy today from the App Store!


Teaser #1 from Mr. Chiizu on Vimeo.

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