Joe Forkan’s The Lebowski Cycle

Joe Forkan’s The Lebowski Cycle is a series of paintings and drawings exploring layered narratives, using masterpieces of western art and the Coen Brothers’ film The Big Lebowski as a point of departure. You can see what paintings each of the works are based on at Joe Forkan’s Blog.











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  • Evgeny

    Thank you for sharing these great paintings. The last one is my favorite.

  • Dario

    do you know if is it possible to buy any of these???

  • I’m sure you can buy them. I would contact the artist by clicking his name.

  • samthor

    these are lovely, but how does the artist NOT get sued doing this sort of thing?

  • Google “fair use doctrine.”

  • samthor

    and my question still stands.
    These paintings were not done for educational or journalistic purposes.
    There are no substantial changes to the still frame photos they are based on.
    If they are for sell then there is a possibility the owners of the original material may want royalties.
    Did the artist get permission? how protective are the copyright owners (or rather their lawyers)?
    It’s not cut & dry Mark, these things should be considered.

  • Common, “black letter,” statute and case law in the US all give this sort of use a pass.

    My answer still stands 😉

  • samthor

    might want to tell that to the national forest service.
    to me… the faucet fire artist made a suitable derivative.
    whereas joe forkan… pretty much copied with little change.
    Sure we all love the movie, but see little creativity on the part of the artist at all.

  • jason

    Smokey the Bear has image copyrights. These images don’t. If Dude had a copyright then using his image would be infringment. Just like using the image of an athlete on a shirt is ok, but not the team he plays for.
    Your example isn’t a direct comparable.