Studio Visit: Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez invited Beautiful/Decay over to his sunny Brooklyn studio to check out his new body of work.  The next day the show was headed to Berlin, so it was excellent to get to talk to Eddie before the work shipped.  I was able to take pics for over an hour while Martinez came in and out of the studio space.  Martinez had shelves built to hold the work at nice heights, making it easier to get up close and examine the paintings.  The reason I like Martinez’s work is that it doesn’t try to mimic reality, but instead the work represents reality.  It works sort of the way a great story functions: there is a language which uncovers something hidden or reveals something new about the world.  As far as we know, human beings are the only creatures which live with a sense of time.  Because we are bound to our own time, each generation needs people who show us back to ourselves, which in turn allows us to conceptualize ourselves and the world.  I think this is what Martinez is doing, and without a doubt his work does that for me.  The show, Seeker, opens November 11th at Peres Projects Mitte, Berlin.

This painting is entitled City Limits.  I love the two people in the bottom left, don’t you feel like you know two people like that?

Here’s a little coffee table with a glowing, spray-paint skull.  That shadow under the bottom left side of the skull pulls my eyes in.

This painting is entitled Sadistic Father.  There’s a weird optical effect in this painting, and its hard to spot because some of the photos have glare, but the eyes in Sadistic Father have these luminous and soft highlights.

This painting had an amazing surface.  It was partially painted, and partially incised into the wet paint.  This is the one painting were the figure is both alone, and also not looking directly outwards.  It’s called Sun Setter.

Martinez had a wall full of drawings.

It’s hard to tell, but I think the paint tubes on this table are roughly color coded.  Like the reds are all together, the greens are all together, etc…

This painting is entitled Whole World War.

This painting, In this Headspace, Sam is the Ocean, had some very beautiful moments.  Sam Moyer is Martinez’s wife, Moyer is also an artist.  I think this is a love painting.

These three paintings are from left to right: Your Future is My Past, Baby, and Serious Time.

Detail from Your Future is My Past.


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