Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers Large Scale Ceramics


Things fall apart, they break. Fracture, both material and metaphorical is a part of our lives. In the work of Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers, fracture acts as a unifying principle, unifying themes as diverse as luck, consumption and value. Sometimes something must be broken or fractured in order for us to see its value. This may be especially true for our environment. Only when we see the consequences of our actions do we begin to understand our complicity in fracturing it. So animals like polar bears must persist against the tide, fractured from their environment destined to become just another souvenir of a bygone era.

Sometimes we fracture things in search of something intangible, like breaking a wishbone for luck. These actions present us with an opportunity to conjure up some sense of control over the uncontrollable. We like to think we can control our fortunes through the coercion of objects or rituals hoping luck will favor us and blaming it when circumstances go awry.

Sometimes we fracture something in search of something tangible, like breaking into a klondike bar to get to the tasty ice cream center. Unexpected discoveries through the process of fracture are not uncommon and can be exciting or disappointing depending on what one values.

Much of this work is a meditation on value; what one values and how and why one might value the things that one does. This body of work is meant to provoke the audience to consider a world on the brink of fracture and our place within that world.

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