Benjamin Oliver – In Search of Our Senses

Benjamin Oliver, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art’s Design Interactions program explores the space between our everyday experiences, inventing prototypes that can give participants a way to experience all new senses. I love the approach Benjamin took in framing his experiments – By creating photographs with such rich narrative, the artist leaves behind a series of bizzarre rooms in which these sensory objects supposedly underwent a round of testing.


I really really want to be a lab rat in these experiments. If only I could know what life would be like with really long arms… Sign me up, Ben.


The above image is a photograph of an Apparatus for inducing out of body experiences. Because Benjamin has decided to communicate this research through still photography as opposed to moving image, the viewer is given a cozy space to ponder how it is these prototypes work.

From his graduation show website: “What lies in the space between everyday experience, what we have learned at school, the snippets of scientific discoveries in the media and the cultural mythologies that surround extrasensory perception… How do we relate to the possibility of new and novel sensory experiences.”

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  • yolan

    this is rad