Clemens Behr

Jaw-dropping installations made from cardboard and tape, colorful and geometric paintings on discarded wood or subway car interiors, highly-patterned murals on the streets — Clemens Behr creates a little bit of everything. Or, rather, the Berlin-based artist makes A LOT of everything, much to the delight of his followers. Full disclosure: Yes, I am one such enthusiast.  

His constructions draw from their surroundings, emerging from alleyways and clinging to crumbling walls in a way that makes them seem almost organic and certainly ephemeral. The use of raw and, if I may, mundane materials like tape and wood scraps add to this sense. With such materials, it seems to me that Behr sets out to first deconstuct the surroundings, then put the pieces back together in a manner pleasing to him. Ultimately, his works capture attention, plain and simple.











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