Elik’s Collage- Amalgamations of Everything and Everyone

Elik is a true NYC graffiti legend, gettin’ up hard with the roller. But like many of his peers in the graff world, he’s turned to exhibiting  ‘street art’ on indoor, gallery walls. Last spring he unleashed a full load of collage and mixed media works on the Brooklynite Gallery in Bed-Stuy. The compositions are playful, and full of dynamic elements. Any one of the works could serve as an advertisement bill for a show (or party) that serves as a gritty, comprehensive sum-up of the entire 20th-century.

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  • Donna,I would walk the 3000 miles beforaot to be there at Kulak’s, but can’t get away. However, I will definetly be watching that live broadcast. I may need to install an auxiliary cooling fan on my computer as I know the event will be super hot. Wishing you all the best.Matt