Alison Brady’s Strange Portraits

New York-based photographer Alison Brady makes some pretty bizarre photos. Pretty and bizarre. The interesting and different perspective is what catches your eye; instead of a traditional beauty-in-the-person snap, these portraits give the car-accident-look- away urge while simultaneously pushing a strange narrative inside a beautiful anonmity. Take a look after the leap.

It’s worth mentioning that Alison Brady is also extremely accesible with regard to questioning her work. She encourages the viewer to infer their own titles/meanings and often will discuss her representation without any pretense.


Alison had a new book come out in November of last year entitled The Blind Barber. Having followed her work for years, it’s great to watch the progression from weird to weirder. In the world of the sometimes monotonous contemporary portrait, weird is great, and always will be.

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