Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dog Photography

Everyone loves photos of cute dogs but what about gorgeously lit underwater photos of dogs of all breeds, size, and color nosediving into water chasing after their favorite toy? If you’re like me you are tearing out your eyeballs with joy over these ultra cute and masterfully photographed photos by Seth Casteel. More puppy pool time goodness after the jump!










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  • Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! These are fabulous pics!!! I have never seen pics of dogs under water or diving into water. They’re mouths look like huge monsters..LOL!! Love them all!!

  • Alexandra the Tsaritsa

    These are crazy-awesome! You can’t help but crack a smile looking at the mermaid doggies :)

  • Karen Etchells

    Love these pics! wild. Unusual. So interesting!

  • Louise

    I am spellbound by the beauty and FUN of these pics. They are beyond description. Absolutely excellent. Many congrats to Seth and Many thanks for sharing them with us. Just phenomenal work.

  • Talia

    Hahahahaha!! Love it! Thanks for making me smile! Freaking awesome!

  • Lolly

    I saw this effect when my dog tried to bite the cold air hair blaster — his cheeks ballooned and his teeth snapped! ♡

  • Online Arts

    Excellent Series!

  • Flo

    Really cool photos! Wich camera did you use for these underwater pics?

  • Amy G

    The side of dogs we don’t see… they turn into scary sea-monsters under water!

  • R. Richard Hobbs

    love these :) locations not bad either 😉

  • SLQE

    Internationally renowned photograph­er Brooke Mayo (of Brooke Mayo Photograph­y) published “Diving Doggies: A Celebratio­­n of Underwater Play” in 2009, and her photograph­s are amazing. She was a pioneer in photographing dogs underwater­, and her work is incredible­. Find her book on­­. Please check her out.

  • Jake

    Hi there please let me know how you did this and with what equipment? I’d like to film women underwater for a fashion magazine. – Jake