Documentary Watch: Kevin Earl Taylor’s Animal World


Kevin Earl Taylor’s paintings have a symbiotic theme showing organisms, animals, and humans all coexisting. Whether parasitic or beneficial, the common thread behind his oil paintings is that these strange creatures all exist together – similar to our own reality. His fascination with animals, environment, and human relations has led him to turn animals into humans in an anthropomorphic figure. The collective consciousness that makes us aware of other beings on the planet is incorporated in his paintings to tell a story of life, and this thing we call death. Taylorʼ s abstract narratives are dream oriented in a playful, sometimes renaissance oriented painting style. With humor, harmony, morphology, genealogy, symbiosis, and just not taking himself too seriously, Kevin Earl Taylor attempts to expose the animal within.

Kevin  walks you through some of the work in Deviant Instinct,  his show at Circleculture Gallery in the video above and discusses the various concepts and themes within his work.


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  • This is a really insightful interview; Kevin does a great job of explaining his artistic process and gives a spot-on description of what creativity means: “wanting to see something that hasn’t been realized then figuring out how to make it”. Thats exactly what it means for me. His paintings are amazing! Thanks for the terrific interview!