Dee Kim Wants Us to Cry While We Watch Youtube

We can like status updates on facebook… we can favorite tweets on twitter… we can give videos a “thumbs-up” on youtube… but why can’t we cry? As the first part of an intensive study into the role of crying in a networked culture, the I cried button is an experiment conducted by Dee Kim & Bistin Chen. Using Google Chrome, you can install the button as a plug-in in youtube and press it when you cry while or after watching something from youtube. The button functions similar to the ‘like’ button, because it quantifies and saves your input, but instead of rating the material with a set of shiny stars, your emotions are gauged by tear drops… 

We’ve all confronted the awkwardness of the “like button” before. Take for example the following scenario: a friend posts about a loved one’s passing on facebook. Do you “like” the update to show your sympathy? Or does the act of “liking” the unfortunate news make you seem heartless? In a more practical sense, Kim’s work addresses this dilemma by giving us a tool to confront unpleasant emotions in the social media sphere, but from a more philosophical standpoint, the work speaks to society’s new needs for honest means of communicating our feelings. In the end, we can’t possibly “like” everything.

The “PROJECT GOODCRY” website will also show you how many people cried at the video you’re watching. Visit this website and see what makes other people cry the most, and compare it with yours.


1. Click the Install Button in Google Chrome appstore
2. When you are in Youtube, ‘I cried’ will appear along other buttons
3. Click on the ‘I cried’ button if you cry while watching a video, or just explore how many people cried at it.
4. Visit the website to check top 10 videos people cried most at.

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