Brooklyn Brown has “A Machine Frame of Mind”

Brooklyn Brown’s “A Machine Frame of Mind” is a project that investigates the evolving relationship between machines and humans. In a near-distant future (and really in our current present), machines and humans will hold conversations, relationships, and (of course) look at each other. As just one part of her extensive series of projects centered around computer vision, Brown created “Do You Want To Be Recognized”, a series of portraits that explore a potential for the development of trends that include accessories and make up that allow us to be tracked and recognized better by machines.


Brown asks: “With the advent of eyetracking software, gestural interfaces, and more advanced facial recogntion, it is reasonable to think that the face itself could become an input instead of a mouse or finger. What if we could interface with machines by simply looking at them a certain way or having a small dot our eyelids so our eyes can be easily read as open or closed? Will there to be regression to tribal markings to distinguish ourselves in the eyes of the machine?”


Of course the idea of altering our own human appearance in order to be more easily recognizable by machines such as surveillance systems seems to be an obviously negative thing, but what if it really is something to embrace? Brown takes the stance that an enhanced relationship between humans and machines is actually an attractive phenomenon.

“Being known by something so fundamentally “other” from us can be comforting perhaps.” – Brooklyn Brown

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  • Brendan Granger

    I really am developing strong feelings for this young lady (BB)